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Why Assets Risk Management?

We’ll buy any house, in any condition, regardless of your situation. Here are some typical instances where are expertise comes in handy.

Property in Need of Repairs

Property in Need of Repairs

Property in Need of Repairs

Property in Need of Repairs

Inherited Property You Can’t Keep

Structural Issues Or Condemned

Damage From Natural Disasters

Problematic Rental Property

Frequently Asked Questions

The process is based on data. First, we’ll look at comparable sales in your immediate neighborhood to give us an after repair value. Next we assess the current condition and repairs needed on the house. We then run financial proformas that allow for Assets Risk Management to make a profit on purchasing the property. Lastly, once we have determined the repair cost and future value we can provide you a clear cash offer for you to consider.

There is absolutely no obligation to work with us in any capacity. It is 100% up to you and anyone one else on title to select the best option when selling your house.

No. We buy houses as-is with all personal property. Whatever is left after the close of escrow will be our responsibility and we save you the hassle of cleaning out the property. Take what you want and leave anything you don’t want behind for us to deal with.

Assets Risk Management can pay for escrow costs and title insurance when we choose our services. As the seller you will not pay commissions but you will pay taxes. This includes any outstanding property taxes as well as City and County transfer taxes for the sale.

Once two parties agree to sell their home and sign a purchase contract the transaction gets handed off to an escrow company whose job as a neutral third party is to facilitate the transaction and make sure all the liens, judgments, or mortgages are paid off prior to closing. Escrow handles receiving and disbursing the money for the sale and they will pay off all liens and facilitate sending the net proceeds to the account of the sellers chosing.

No. As long as you are the owner of record we have a proven process for offering and purchasing properties virtually. All we need are detailed pictures or video to determine the condition before we will make you a cash offer. If you don’t have photos or video we have local field agents who can visit the property with your permission.

You will not pay commission when you sell your home directly to Assets Risk Management. Our business is buying homes and we don’t charge sellers commissions.

What Our Customers are Saying

Martha P

Santa Ana, CA

“I received a strong
cash offer…”

When my mother passed away I inherited her home but the house was in a different state about 1,000 miles away and we didn’t have the means to travel out to LA to clean out her house and make the repairs needed for someone to safely…

Maria & John

San Diego, CA

“Dealing directly with
the buyer…”

Dealing directly with the buyer is very refreshing especially how thoroughly they explain the entire process to all of us. Sure enough just as they told us they transformed our house into the most beautiful home in the neighborhood…

Jonathan B

Los Angeles, CA

“I received a strong cash offer…”

Fair is exactly what describes my experience with them. They made me an offer and allowed us to remain in our home for a couple weeks after closing to allow us to use the cash from the sale of our house to fund our replacement home.

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